Rubik's Cube

Overcoming challenges in life is hard, but don’t you wish there was a roadmap or a set of steps you could follow which would help you overcome them?


It is possible to overcome sticky situations and challenges in life, provided you are equipped with the right tools and know how to get you through them.

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Step 1: Goals

It all starts by setting a goal of something that you want to achieve. Setting a goal is super important as it guides you towards the direction of where you want to go. It gives you focus really, in case you get lost or don’t know where you are going. 

Step 2: Believability

Do you believe you can reach the goal you set? If your answer is a hard NO, this is where you
need to revisit your goal and make it something you believe that you can achieve.


Step 3: Thinking

How would you describe your current patterns of thinking, particularly around this goal?

Step 4: Mini Wins

Oh boy, this is the most important part! When setting a goal you need to master mini wins. Mini wins are essentially you proving it to yourself in small, mini wins that reaching your larger goal is in fact possible.


Don’t focus on how big it is to try to achieve 30 days at once, but instead master each and every 10 minute session of work, distraction free. If 10 minutes becomes too hard, go for as long as you can, as this will set your bench mark and every day work at increasing it only by 1 extra minute. Nothing more, nothing less.

Over time when you see that you could stick to this 3 days in a row, your believability that you can master it for 30 days will go skyrocket as you have now proved to yourself that it is possible.

So to master this effectively you need to master one day at a time.