Your 3 Biggest Questions About Thinking, Answered!

1. Do my thoughts really act like building blocks?

Yes, that's how thoughts work. Starting with one thought that acts as the first building block. And what happens in this situation you have the choice to decide what you are going to build. So if you have the first thought and it is a thought that is agitated, if you choose the next thought to be agitated too, you have then built a building block of 2 agitated thoughts in a row. You are building something which can either keep building to create a tower or be aware when you have created a series of thoughts that you don’t want.

2. Explain the quote “ what you focus on expands” I don't get it.

Okay, this is a great one. I love this one. Basically I want you to look around your room and find everything for me that is red. Look hard, and look around. You're looking for things that are red.

Now what you’ve done in this exercise you would have noticed how many things you saw were red and how many were more like orange but you kind tried to make them red. See in that moment because you were looking for everything that was red that was all you saw.

Then when you see them you are like “see, look at all of these red things” whatever you are focusing on with your attention is what you will begin to see more of. If you are finding all of the reasons to be scared, when you go into that situation you are looking out for those exact reasons and more to prove to yourself that you were in fact right.

3. How do my thoughts ‘work”

Great question, your thoughts work in the sense that they either help you or not help you. So a thought such as “I am not good enough” doesn’t help you as it isn’t positively geared towards you growing and learning. Whereas instead if you had a thought like this “I am not good enough at this yet, I just need to practice more” that is super helpful and positive for you.

Your thoughts can either be working for you or against you.

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