The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D Wattles

This is one of all my all time favourite books, one that I actually have a hard copy of and an audio copy too! This book was written in the early 1900’s and really helps you to understand the true power we have deep within our minds, as it is the source for everything that is possible for us.

It provides countless examples about how your thinking actually determines your wealth. Throughout the book he has a number of examples where it is not your circumstances, where you live or the opportunities you have around but your mental faculties that determine your wealth.

He outlines the exact science and yes there is a science of getting rich. The science is somewhat science-y and is a little hard to read if you aren’t science based like I am not.

It is a difficult book to read with old terminology and it is somewhat science based but it is an absolute must for anyone looking to delve deeper into what their mind is capable of doing.

One of my favourite parts of the book and where I have highlighted is:

“ No man is born incapable of growth.”

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