The Art of Self Belief

This wonderful art has been developed over a number of years, and I’ve witnessed its effectiveness as I’ve coached hundreds of people towards reaching their goals.

Self-Belief is by definition the confidence in your own abilities or judgments.

When it comes to living your life, you will become suck if you listen to limiting thoughts. For example it will be very hard to reach a goal if you don’t believe you can achieve the goal!

Sally is 36 years old. She has preconceived ideas about herself and her abilities. Her self-belief has been established over the 36 years of living, by her environment and her experiences. These beliefs are deeply embedded and play out consistently across all areas of her life.

Sally has never been the type to consistently stick to anything, this includes eating plans, relationships and jobs. As a matter of fact, she has been inconsistent across most areas of her life.

Sally is now engaged, and wants to lose 10 kgs for her Wedding. She has a strong desire to lose the weight to fit into her special dress. She begins feeling excited and begins her new eating and exercise regime.

After only 3 days she falls flat on her face!

Why? What happened? Sally was committed, and had a strong desire because of her upcoming wedding…?

Sally’s success is based on her embedded level of self-belief. If she carries the plan out with her negative self-belief, followed by the traditional negative self-talk of “I never consistently stick to things”, “I am no good at it”, then she is destined to fail.

Sally had deeply embedded beliefs that she is a person who doesn’t stick to things and because she didn’t change this belief when she started the diet plan, she acted upon it.

The diet didn’t stick, but the weight did!

When your embedded beliefs kick in, which they always do, they provide your brain with the signals and evidence to confirm why you can or can’t achieve your goal /desire. In this case, Sally’s brain searched through her files i.e. her 36-year-old life history drawing on all the reasons why she could or could not accomplish her idea/desire, her belief was “I can’t stick to it” so she couldn’t.

This is the most common reason why people don’t achieve their goals. They don’t believe enough in themselves, and they aren’t prepared to shift this belief.

Most people simply do not believe they can go past a certain point, so they don’t - even if they want to.

The cycle essentially repeats itself until the person in charge decides that they are willing to change their level of self belief, and be a person who can repeatedly do the actions required to help them achieve their idea/desire.

From my experience of mentoring and coaching people for the last 3 years, I have noticed one common thing. This common trait is across people of different ages, backgrounds, income, status and demographics.

They all have their idea about why they can or can’t do something. Every single time without fail it is all within their mind.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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