Sounds Good, But...

“Sounds good, but….”“But what?”

What a common conversation with clients.


Some of the most common ones I have heard,

“But, I’m not good enough to do that!”

“But, I won’t be able to make it happen!”

“But, I really don’t know if it’s something I should do, maybe not right now.”

Today, I had a tough session with a client. This client was referred to me because his business is failing in multiple areas. Revenue was the number one concern.

Throughout the space of a whole day strategy session, we broke down problems, created solutions, and developed a plan of attack to move forward.

This plan of attack was fool-proof. It incorporated everything he needed to truly allow his business take off. This plan covered the weak areas of his business, and even incorporated keys to give more value to his audience who was desperately looking for it.

At the end of the session, there was a complete, fool-proof plan in my hands, and I expectantly presented it to him. His response,

“Sounds good, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it work. I just don’t think I’m consistent enough to pull it altogether.”

It took a full day strategy session to reveal, this man lacked self-belief.

In this situation, when others would be dumb-founded, I was not shocked at all. A response like that is extremely common regardless of how fool-proof a plan can be.

I asked him, as I ask any client I have when they doubt themselves,

“When in your past, have you not been consistent? When have you not followed through in a task that you were pursuing?”

“All the time” he responded.

Our self-belief is based on our confidence in our ourselves and our abilities. If you don’t have any confidence in your abilities, your self-belief is diminished.

My client had proven to himself, multiple times that he lacked the follow-through and execution. He had never committed to anything in his life following through to completion.

This is a fairly common scenario I see.

Across the categories of people I have worked with (High school students, executives, teachers and entrepreneurs) I have observed a common denominator - they lack self-belief because they have directly let themselves down previously in life.

Now, if we were to show this story on the flip side. A person who sees a task through to the end has a higher level of self-belief instilled in them. Whether it is completing a grueling fasting challenge and seeing it through to the end or committing to a plan to run a half marathon, they see it through.

The advice I give in these situations is to prove to yourself you can do something. Prove to yourself that accomplishing a task isn’t that hard and in fact you can do it.

Whatever first task you pick, be mindful and pick something small. Don’t go for a complete half marathon plan on day 1. That won’t work. Instead pick something smaller and make that happen.

One of my first tasks to prove to myself I could stick to something was to not swear for 24 hours. Each day I would monitor how many hours it was until I swore. I repeated this process, every day seeing my progress mount up more and more until I made it 24 hours straight.

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