How to win an argument with your lover/business partner or friend

“Well, neither of us is perfect”

I have a boyfriend. His name is Elie.

Sometimes Elie and I fight. Just like every other couple out there we have our good days and our bad days. But what makes it even harder for us is that we work together, we are creating our empire together and we try to manage our relationship, personal lives and the other baskets in our life too.

We forgot our personal lives temporarily and said goodbye to friendships for the sake of building our dreams.

It can be challenging for us at times, and mixed with some poor communication and not being present, we fight. When we fight, business doesn’t stop and the show must go on. I’ll admit it was a bit tricky for us at first, as we really didn’t know how to manage so much so quickly.

Sometimes it can feel like the whole world is against you when you fight with your loved one. Imagine working together with them too and having to go about your day as if it didn’t happen.

We used to suck at arguing, until we gained some perspective.

Yes, perspective is amazing.

Perspective. Perspective helps us to see past any short term nonsense and cut to the chase.

Perspective is just the way you see things, regarding a situation or topic etc.

When arguing, regardless of worrying who was the one at fault, we realised one day and said it out loud while fighting “Well, neither of us is perfect”.

This simple little perspective hack helped to completely shift the way we saw each other when arguing. We were no longer ‘fighting to the death’ but rather expressing our concerns about one another not acting in line with their best self. We were understanding that neither one of us were perfect so why should we claim to be?

We took a step backwards and saw each other for what we truly are, humans trying to be better, every single day at what we do and how we do it.

This was a lesson that we not only applied to our lives when arguing, but also whenever we were facing challenges, outside of us.

We stopped and applied a different way of seeing the situation at hand. It literally changed our life.

The next time you are feeling challenged about a situation, stop and think how else can I see this situation? What different perspective is there for me to see?

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