How to meditate for beginners, without stuffing it up

No matter how much time you have, or don’t have, or how busy your mind is you can still find room to meditate. I’ll tell you why.

If we take a step back and see what meditation really is, it is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. Now, how do we do that?

The best way to train your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts is to actually do it. But here is where people get stuck and begin to overcomplicate things. Deep down if all we need to do, as a beginner to get our confidence up is to prove to ourselves that we can do it, then that is where we start.

When meditation became a bit too confusing for me to do, (what app do I use, what type is best etc) I went back to the basics and focused on what meditation really is. It’s the process of training your mind to redirect your thoughts. So I began to do just that.


  1. Set a 5 minute timer on your phone

  2. Sit somewhere comfortably, where you won’t be disturbed

  3. Spend a minute or two thinking about what you would like to focus on for 5 minutes

  4. Close your eyes

  5. Tap your timer and GO

  6. Focus just on that one thing for 5 minutes

Now, it’s okay if your mind wanders. It’s okay if your mind focuses on other things for that 5 minutes. The best thing to do to get back on track is to recognise that you have done that, stop and shift your thinking back to what you wanted to focus on.

I think that is remarkable, because as soon as you know you have gone off course, you just simply stop and get back on. I don’t know anything else in life being a quicker fix than that.

What you’ll notice when you meditate:

  • Space inside of your mind will begin to just appear. You’ll just have more room in your mind to be more present and focused. It just happens like that

  • You’ll notice you can handle things such as problems, conflicts etc much better. You’ll do so in a calmer way

  • What you focus on for that 5 minutes often makes you happy. The feeling of happiness will continue long after you have finished your 5 minutes

  • Your mind will be quicker overall, having less thoughts and mindless activity going on. You’ll be more present and aware

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