How to find your limiting belief, or what is holding you back

So, if you are reading this article you would have identified that you have a limiting belief somewhere in your life, holding you back from reaching your full potential in a certain area of your life.

Limiting beliefs are pesky little things. They are often subconscious thoughts that are deeply embedded in our minds that come out across all situations in our life. We often do not know we have them until we notice there is just one area of our lives where something isn’t going the way we want it to.

Now, a quick recap is needed here to identify how a belief is formed. Beliefs are formed in our life in only one of two ways, either through your Environment (think what was passed on from your Mum and Dad whilst growing up) or your experiences (what you experienced as a general theme throughout your whole life)

The same goes here for a limiting belief. Except, we often do not realise that it is limiting us until we go one step ahead to achieve a task and realise, well we can’t do it.

If you are with me on the journey to find your limiting belief, read on to see my process.

There are two ways we can find a limiting belief:

The first process is when you know it’s something, but you just can’t summarize it.

Sometimes, you can just know roughly what it is, but can’t summarize it. Some of the clients I have worked with have just known that they had a limiting belief that was present in their lives and proceeded to just blurt it out to me “I know time stresses me out the most, I can’t manage it well enough” but don’t know how to summarize it succinctly. If you are in this situation, focus on getting closer to the why behind what you think your limiting belief. Keep asking yourself why until you drill down to the deep, root cause of it.

See how it plays out below:

“I know time stresses me out the most, I can’t manage it well enough” WHY “Because I have never been able to manage my time well enough. It gets the best of me” WHY “Because I am not disciplined enough” WHY “Because I don’t believe I can do it”

That is the first way to find a limiting belief, the second way to find a limiting belief is to begin by looking across all of the areas in your life. This second option is a great process if you have completely no idea whatsoever.

List them out from school, work, personal and finances etc. Cover all of the areas of your life, even if they seem small.

Look deeper into each of these areas of your life until you find the one area of your life where you just are not doing as well as you hoped.

Find that one area, stop and highlight it.

To ease the understanding, I will create an example of what happens after you find an area of your life that is not where you want it to be.

“An area of my life, where I am not where I want to be is financially” (Your Limiting Belief)

Begin thinking about this one area in detail. With this area in mind, begin to analyze your entire history with this area. Work from the beginning to the end. Using our example above, what has been your history and relationship with money from the beginning up until now?

It is important to be listing this out and understanding your history in detail because it will help you to examine what happened for you to have your limiting belief.

Then with this fresh in your mind, begin by answering the following statements with the area of your life you want to improve as the focus.

I feel that ____

I think that ____

I do not think that ____

My parents always ____

I believe that ____

By answering these questions, you will get closer to finding your limiting belief. As a matter of fact, you will find it, just by answering those questions.


  • This is a process and takes time. Do not beat yourself up if you find this hard or difficult to do.

  • Focus on you here and how you feel/think towards this belief.

  • Dig deep and be honest with yourself

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