How and why you should create your own definition of success

Have you created your own definition of success? Have you actually sat down and thought about what it is that you want to achieve in life? Or better yet, what is important to you?

Creating your own definition of success is something that is personal and unique to you. It should be personal to you, as it is essentially just you against you on this journey.

Very subconsciously as humans, we buy into the definition of success that society tells us and we stick to that. It very much becomes the idea of finish high school, then go to University, get a really good job, then buy that new C Class Mercedes because Bob down the road has a similar one. Find a really nice house in a nice area, then find a really great partner and get married. The list goes on.

That is the common story that we are told success is. It feels like auto-pilot doesn’t it?

It can feel like success in 2020 can only be related to materialistic goods such as cars, money, houses etc. But, I beg to ask you, what is your definition of success? What are you striving for each and every single day?

Now, for me at various stages in my life success meant different things to me. At one point it was to do everything I could to escape the rat race and ‘make it’, and another point it was to do everything to fit in again ‘normally’ within society.

Your definition of success can change like mine did every year or so. I relate it as if you are sailing on a boat (life) and need to adjust your sails according to the weather (what is happening in your outside world). Create what it is your deem as success based on your current point in time, knowing that you will need to change your sails accordingly.

One thing I found most interesting in my travels is that as soon as I had a definition of success, it acted like a north star. It actually guided me and helped me to make my decisions accordingly.

Hence, why I am creating this content piece. If you are feeling lost or unsure about what to do in life, stop and ponder what would be my definition of success at this moment in time? It can help when you take success down from being such a big scary thing and making it a more bite size and easier to digest concept.

Why should you create your idea of success? What does it matter?

Creating your definition of success can guide you. It can act as your north star. Think about it, if you have a goal that is something that you are aiming for? Well, if you have that goal in mind don’t you make decisions that help you towards reaching that goal?

That’s exactly what your definition of success can do for you. It can help guide your thinking when it comes to making decisions about what to do, how to be and what your next step is.

I’ve made a video mapping out this process:


  • Think about where you are right now, what is the next goal you want to achieve?

  • Think in terms of 1 year achievement

  • Think about what is important to you?

  • Begin by jotting down just bullet points about what is important to you and what your values are.

  • Think what you would do in life, if money wasn’t an object.

  • Begin to really run wild with your thoughts and what is truly possible.

  • From there, if you do this exercise and sit with your thoughts your idea of success is bound to come up.

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