Go live! 16 Principles to Launch a Global Business Empire - Fred Schebesta

I love this book for so many reasons. Fred outlines in his book the 16 lessons that are needed to know to start any kind of business, let alone a global business. Having started and run various companies before I can relate to all of these principles.

Fred draws on so much life lessons and knowledge behind his book and his experiences to help present to you what his book is today. Why I like it so much is that it is practical and real, giving you an honest view on what it truly takes. I know this book is a bit left field from our personal development kind of books that I normally share, however just know that if you are out there and you want to start a business you will need to know these things and do the inner work. Such as getting uncomfortable being uncomfortable and learning how to handle rejections.

Keep this book in mind for when you think you are ready and slowly starting work on some of the lessons he shares. My favourite tip he shared is that persistence is omnipotent. I can say from experience, it definitely is. Those who are persistent are those who win.

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