7 Signs You Need to Think Differently

If you identify with 2 or more of these signs below it probably is a good idea to shift your thinking to think, well differently. Differently can mean a number of things, like more positively or with more intention or with more responsibility. Either way it would be a great idea to see if you relate to any of the signs below, and what you can do to think differently.

1. You are moody, or irritable but most of the time.

Okay for this one, we can’t just put it down to hormones or changes within our body. Perhaps we need to think about our thoughts and think in the most positive way here, or is there a better way I can think about this situation?

It’s important to note that often you can be moody or irritable because something is bothering you, but the key is to see if you can think about what is bothering you in a different way.

“Change the way you look at things, and what you look at will change” - Dr Wayne Dyer

2. You feel helpless, or feeling an overall lack of control.

This one is a big one. At times we can all feel a lack of control over ourselves, our feelings and emotions. Especially during times of major uncertainty like this whole COVID pandemic thing it can be hard to feel in control.

As I am writing this we are in week 8 of the lockdown in Sydney as with no clear end in sight at this point it can feel like you are helpless, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to note that during these times we really need to focus on what we CAN control.

Start by writing a list of all of the things you can control. Starting with you right here right now, what can you control? I love this exercise but it serves as a powerful reminder of how much we actually control and how little others do, even if it feels like it.

For me, once the longest list of what I could control got up to 76 things! I can’t wait to see what you can come up with.

3. You are living in a ‘stuck’ feeling, not sure what to do

Yeap, overwhelm and uncertainty is a nasty thing to experience, especially when it leaves you on ‘stuck’ if you are feeling this way it is often because of your thinking. What is best to do in this situation is to stop and take a deox.

Take a detox which serves as a breather for you to take a break and not worry or focus on what you were worried about and what makes you feel stuck. Easier said than done but my top tip for this would be to shift your focus for a period of time - this can be 6 hours, 24 hours etc and focus on what is going to make you feel good.

By feeling good you feel good. It’s that simple. Taking a break gives you time and distance between you and the situation which gives you breathing room and headspace to be ready to come back to the problem with a fresh mind.

4. If you don’t feel centered or at peace with anything

This happens. I know. It's kinda like when you feel crazy and manic within your mind that like nothing makes you happy and you are just not at peace.

Yeah this is a huge sign you need to shift your thinking. You gotta shift your thinking back to what you can control. Now if in this situation there are only like 2-3 things that’s okay but focus on them. It’s really important to focus on getting the power back to you so you feel in control and like things are possible again.

Focus on what you can control, and stop and take like a 20 minute break to do what makes you feel good. Honestly, I share this tip all the time and what helps me here is watching funny cat videos on Youtube and slowly moving myself up the good feeling ladder (ps watch this video to see more )

5. You snap at others easily

This is an important sign that you need to stop and take a chill pill. Snapping at others is only a sign that you have major unrest within you. Having this kind of uncertainty and I guess you could call it stress leads to you snapping. Here is a sign that you need to do 2 things, shift your thinking and process your emotions.

Processing your emotions is super important as this is a step that helps you to take a step back and understand how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way.

6. You aren’t motivated to do anything

Doing anything right now seems like a big fat NO! It is so important to process what is going on. Think if it is a depressive like state or the ability to take a break. There are huge differences between the two. It is important to know that if you aren’t motivated to do something that is okay but see what small steps you can set up in your mind to do one thing at a time.

So heading out to play in your weekly soccer team might seem impossible right now and thats okay but what's a small thing you can reach for and start working on now that will help you.

This can be so small such as brushing your hair today or responding to a text. Either way your ability to do this action comes from your thinking. Adjust your thinking here by removing what is big and overwhelming and start small.

7. You have trouble falling asleep

This is super common when your thinking isn’t optimised to help you. When you aren’t thinking in a helpful way (positively and with personal responsibility) you can experience your mind running a million miles an hour, making it so hard to fall asleep.

When your mind is this unsettled it is because your thinking isn’t in a helpful way. You can be thinking and saying things like this “Why should I even try” or “there’s no point in trying”

What you are doing with that pattern of thinking is choosing to think from a negative point of view, and to also not take any personal responsibility for what you can do and can control. What would be super helpful about what to do in these situations is to choose to think from a positive point of view, and with a sense of personal responsibility of what you can do.

For example instead of this “why should I even try” “I know this is tough, it seems impossible but I know I could try”

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