What is
Moonshot You?


We enable teens with tools to overcome life’s challenges & build resilience. Moonshot You is a global organisation dedicated to enabling teens with tools to overcome life’s challenges & build resilience. We help them master their mindset, mental health and make the impossible possible.

What do we do?


How do we do it?

Through our 4 step framework to overcoming challenges, giving you a roadmap to work through. 

Through free tools and resources provided to help all teens and their parents navigate 


What is our vision?

Our Vision is to create a world where people of all shapes, sizes, economic status, demographic, culture and race have the resources and tools to allow them to master challenges in life, and build their resilience.


What is our goal?

Our Goal is to enable 20 million minds globally with the tools, knowledge and resources needed to help them shift their thinking and master their mental health.


What is our purpose?

Our Purpose (aka our Mission) is to enable teens with the tools, resources and knowledge they need to help them overcome challenges in life and build their resilience.