I'm Jessica Emily

A happy Monday kinda girl, People person & Entrepreneur who is dedicated to teaching you the tools to own your thinking and help you face the challenges of the world.

I know first hand that in life, anything is possible. Even when it doesn't seem like it, there's always a way.


One of the things I am often asked is: How did I get started in all of this?

I vividly remember becoming an “overnight success” at age 24, after being interviewed on the ABC Channel for my success as a young female entrepreneur. It was in that moment questions from people began to flood in, asking for my advice on how to start a company.

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Shortly after that, I experienced the other side to success, with going broke twice (once at 24 and again at 27) forcing me to start all over again. I’ve even failed on live TV across all of Australia, hosted a Youth Day with an expected turn out of 4,000 people, but instead had 311 walk through the door, deeming it what appears to be a complete failure. 

One thing became apparent to me on my journey thus far. I have an unbreakable mindset, and a passion to help give you the resources and tools you need to reach your version of success, whatever that may be.


No matter how many fool-proof plans I made for people or how to guides I made, they never managed to break through and actually start their idea, or bring their dream to life. 

It was then that I became fascinated with the idea of our mindsets, and most importantly the beliefs that we have. 

I began helping people, from disadvantaged kids in shelters, to private schools and then my corporate friends. I began uncovering what was the driving force that was holding them back. It was always some kind of belief they had about themselves, usually linked to their identity, image and self worth. 

These beliefs would turn into phrases like 

  • “ I am not good enough” 

  • “ My weight is my worth” 

  • “I am nothing without my Career” 

  • “ I am too lazy to even try. It just won’t work” 

  • “ There is something wrong with me” 

It was in that moment, that I knew exactly what my calling was. I knew that if I had this talent, I needed to share it with the world. I knew that I needed to help people see their true potential, their true value and worth. 

I wanted to help the miserable woman I saw on the bus believe in herself to leave her abusive husband because she doesn’t believe she deserves better. I wanted to help the man on the street, who missed an opportunity to ask a girl on a date, all because he didn’t believe he was good enough. 

I want to give everyone the tools they need to succeed at whatever it is they want, and to be able to withstand the challenges that life throws at them. 

I am driven by my goal in life, this goal I have keeps me awake at night. 

My goal is to give people the tools to help them harness their full potential, whatever that may be. 


My commitment to you...

is to share with you everything I have learnt from the tools I have created, the strategies I’ve mastered or the advice I’ve been given. I promise to be real, to be authentic and to be me. I am living and learning on this journey with you, and will keep it honest with you as I go. 

Flash forward from that 17 year old girl, scrubbing toilets for a living to know 28 years old, and doing what I love every single day. 

Join me on the journey. 

Jessica Emily x


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