Enabling teens with tools
to overcome challenges
and build resilience.

Handling challenges is tough, but has anyone ever given you a roadmap on how to get through it? Learn how we help teens to overcome life's challenges and build resilience.


Make the impossible possible for you by learning what to do.


Want to know how to overcome challenges and build resilience? 

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Any goal you want to achieve is possible, you just need the right tools 

I'm a teen - send help!


Help, I'm a parent.

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Challenged with breakdowns?
Learn how to manage them here.

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What do we do?

We give 10 - 18 years olds and their parents the tools they need to overcome challenges and build resilience.


Through our 4 step framework, we navigate challenges with you moving from not possible to possible.


What others say:

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Philip Zeis

After completing the mentoring, I can say that it has changed my life permanently - to a positive! Since I was given the actual tools to help myself in future problematic situations, and not only

received ready-to-go-solutions for a specific problem. So if you have the chance to work with Jessica, to it!! It's an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss out on.

Anet pic.JPG

Anet Londa

Jessica is not only a wonderful human being, but also an extraordinary and caring mentor and coach. She has helped to unleash the potential of many of our young pirates and truly moonshot their visions.


April Young Blackwell

Everyone needs to know Jessica Emily. She is an incredible person. She has so much wisdom to offer the world and one by one is making it a better place. Because of my time coaching with her, I learned the necessary tools I need to cope with life and business challenges cheerfully.